• Oberlin College: Intermediate Spanish, Advanced Grammar and Composition, Latin American Literature and Culture: Historical Vistas and Contemporary Realities; Latin America among the Disciplines (2009-2010).
  • Hofstra University: Introduction to Latin American Studies, Latin American Studies Seminar (Spring 2009).
  • Hofstra University: Introduction to Spanish Literature; Senior Seminar in Hispanic Literature and Culture, Interpreting the Hispanic Legacy (Fall 2006).
  • Columbia University: Comprehensive Intermediate Spanish Language, Latin American Culture through Conversation (Fall 2006).
  • University of Massachusetts, Boston: introductory and intermediate Spanish-language courses (Spring 2006).
  • Stanford University: Letters and Colors of Imperial Spain; The Colonization of the Americas; Early Modern Subjectivities; The Legal Culture and Repression in Continental America; Latin America before Independence; Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis; The Letter of the Law; The Utopian Tradition; Transatlantic Literature; Senior Seminar in Literary Theory; The Colonial Condition; Graphic History (history of Mexico before the 20th century); and Intellectual Life in Modern Mexico (the last two courses taught at the UDLA, Puebla, Mexico, Winter Quarter 2003).
  • University of Pittsburgh. Visiting Assistant Professor (January-April 2004): “Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis” & “Circa 1550: Of conquest and colonization of the Americas.”
  • University of Salamanca, Instituto Inter-universitario de Estudios de Iberoamérica y Portugal, "La Ley de la Literatura en la América Latina Colonial" (Oct. 16-20, 2000).
  • Duke University. Romance Studies. All levels of Spanish language instruction (1994-8), and final-year graduate instructor of the course “The Colonization of the Americas” (1998).
  • Duke University. The University Writing Program (UWC) and the FOCUS Program. Graduate Instructor of English (1994-1995).

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